In 2012 Vasli and Souza moved to the city of Malm̦ Рa multicultural city in the south of Sweden Рwhere they decided to develop an art space dedicated exclusively to photographic practice. Fotogalleri Vasli Souza is located in the basement of an old hat factory building at Gustav Adolfs Torg, the space is a centre for contemporary photography to thrive and develop in the heart of the city.

The medium of photography allows for a broad range of lens based artistic practices to develop ideas and concepts. The exploration of new techniques and different appropriations of the traditional gallery space is one of the majors concerns for Vasli Souza.

The space intends to promote a multicultural philosophy through the diffusion of artists from different parts of the globe. Fotogalleri Vasli Souza is interested in concepts specifically relating to cultural studies, covering popular and often unnoticed nuances of life within power structures, social class, gender, nationalism, etc.