8 Weeks 8 Artists
New Exhibition every Thursday

9th April -31st May 2020 (Participating artists: Silin Liu, Charlie Fjätström, Sami Parkkinen, Izumi Miyazaki, AdeY, Tor S. Ulstein, Ren Hang, Dagny Hay)

As a small consolation for our planned spring program being postponed to after the summer, we will in the coming weeks produce 8 exhibitions with 8 different artists. From some of our personal favorites, to new artists you will see more of in the near future. Each exhibition runs for one week, from Thursday to Thursday, with a small, informal opening (outdoors) every Thursday night. The photos can be viewed 24/7 through our beautiful window, or indoors by appointment (Find a mask by the entrance).
All works shown are available for sale unless stated otherwise. Find a pricelist by the window, or by writing us an email.
Should you decide to drop by for an opening, please remember to always keep a safe distance of at least a meter to the person next to you. If you have any symptoms of illness, it’s better to stay home.
Keep safe.


Exhibition 1:
Silin Liu . - Opening 9th of April 2020

In my own image-making process, no matter if it’s high-quality photo art creation, or if it’s simply selfies shot on my cellphone for amusement, I always seem to be looking for an answer to photograph, yet I’ m always denied that answer. Perhaps today when investigating questions of photograph and images, and probing the language and borders of photograph itself, one should return to a redefinition of the essence of photography. I believe what I can do is constantly seeking out a more accurate form to present the scope and essence of photography. And now, perhaps this question no longer needs to be sought out and distinguished because it has already become “I am everywhere”.

Exhibition 2:
Charlie Fjätström . - Opening 16th of April 2020

This week we feel lucky to show two brand new works, straight out of the darkroom, from Oslo based artist Charlie Fjätström. Charlies’s works are often political and his images have a dark sense of humour. From Suicide to countryside politics and philosophical views on life, he uses his camera to focus on (what he thinks) important Subjects in our society. He has shown his work both nationally and internationally with solo shows in Kiel, Germany at Kunstraum B, House of photography in Oslo Norway, Anexet in Sveg, Sweden. Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen and Vasli Souza Oslo. In 2013, Charlie received his BA from The Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design (The Cass).

Exhibition 3:
Sami Parkkinen . - Opening 23rd of April 2020

Sami Parkkinen (1974–) is a Finnish photographer. He employs photography and sculpture to investigate the human consciousness and the need to rebuild society. Since 2009, he has exhibited at a number of museums and galleries, including the National Portrait Gallery, London in 2015, Circu-lation(s) – Festival de la Jeune Photographie Européenne, Paris in 2016 and the Finnish Museum of Photography in 2010. Sami Parkkinen’s works can be found in many notable public and private collections, both in Finland and abroad. In autumn 2020 (now moved to 2021), the Finnish National Museum’s main exhibition will feature works from Sami Parkkinen’s series Father and Son (2012–2020).

Exhibition 4:
Izumi Miyazaki . - Opening 30th of April 2020

It seems that I in real life (hereinafter, this is called "I”) and I in my artwork (hereinafter, this is called "she”) are dissociated these days. However she has seemed like a completely different person from me for a long time.
She visits places where I’ve never been and she meets people who I’ve never met.
Some people want to know about her story but few people want to know about me. Also she seems to have confidence and insist her opinions clearly.
To be honest, she might be a person who I admire.
When I compare early work with current work, I find she has been changing because I’m changing. Strangely it reminds me she is certainly me. - Izumi Miyazaki

Exhibition 5:
AdeY . - Opening 7th of May 2020

The otherwise so colourful AdeY are presenting three new, never before seen black and white photographs. The Swedish/British multidisciplinary visual artist dances between photography and performance. A focus and attention to people’s right to differences drives the artist’s images, and here it is especially the differences that are about physics, gender, race and sexuality. With a humorous and experimental approach, they seek to highlight our vulnerability, loneliness, and strengths.

Exhibition 6:
Tor S. Ulstein . - Opening 14th of May 2020

Presenting Tor S. Ulstein's new project, Broken China. "The vase has entered a new phase as a sculpture. It has lost its practical purpose, only left with an outline that gives hints of what it once was. It has an aesthetic that shows casual or random incompleteness."

Tor S. Ulstein (b.1988) - is an Oslo based artist and one of the founders of UCS / SCANDINAVIA, a lens-based art paper. He has had several exhibitions over the past years both at home and abroad. He is fascinated with the mundane objects in the everyday landscape, that we in our daily life are too busy to see. Ulstein often collaborates with his brother, the writer, Geir S. Ulstein. They have made several books together on their big passion for cycling among other historical and cultural subjects.

Exhibition 7:
Ren Hang . - Opening 21st of May 2020

In 2014 we had the honour, as one of the first galleries in Europe, to host Chinese artist Ren Hang’s solo exhibition ‘In Addition To Sleep’. During his short career he became enormously popular both in China and abroad and can be seen as a pioneer and inspiration for many young artists who came after him. This week we dedicate to him. For all the good memories and the love he shared.

Ren Hang (Chinese: 任航; March 30, 1987 – February 24, 2017) was a Chinese photographer and poet. During Ren's incipient career, he was known mostly for nude photographic portraits of his friends. His work is significant for its representation of Chinese sexuality within a heavily censored society. Ren Hang’s work has been shown at Foam Amsterdam, Fotografiska Stockholm and most recently at MEP Paris.

Exhibition 8:
Dagny Hay . - Opening 28th of May 2020

Dagny Hay (b. 1990) is a visual artist based in Oslo whose work centers around an elusive relationship with electricity. Examining the impact of rapid technological change the work echo society’s problem with patience, restlessness and other human behaviour. The new work Scenes From Your Favourite Epic Movie (Featuring The Conspiracy Pants) was created during voluntary self-quarantine, a period where everyone was communicating through screens and news travelled too fast. The question asked in these images is whether media and the proliferation of screens in our daily life has changed our interpretation of newsworthiness, and if entertainment has actually supplanted politics. The visual style and poses are inspired by anime because of its use of symbolism and creative and unique way of telling a story. Dagny Hay has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Photography from the University of Hertfordshire. She is the co-editor of the lens-based art paper Uncertain States Scandinavia together with Tor S. Ulstein and Charlie Fjätström.