Susanna Hesselberg

23rd of November - 22nd of December 2018
Opening: Friday 23rd of November, 18.00 - 21.00


Susanna Hesselberg, Sleeping Librarian, 2017 Susanna Hesselberg, Sleeping Librarian, 2017

Hesselberg's photography relates to the tradition of the staged photograph, where she finds great inspiration in surrealism. She builds realities that challenge the physically possible, which at the same time breaks down the confidence of what the eye sees.

Title: Believing Is Seeing
Artist: Susanna Hesselberg (NO/SV)
Time: 23.11 - 22.12 2018
Place: Fotogalleri Vasli Souza, Gustav Adolfs Torg 10B, 211 39, Malmö.
Opening hours: Ons-Fre 13-18, Lö-Sö 12-16.
Vernissage: Friday 23rd November, 18-21
Free entré.