Alexander Mendelevich

9th August - 8th September 2019
Opening Night: 9th August, 18.00 - 21.00


Foto: Alexander Mendelevich Foto: Alexander Mendelevich

It’s often seems that in now reality in popular media all of our feelings are being repressed into one superficial facade and in this facade there is only one type of beauty that implies perfection, but there is a different existence though, in which all of our immediate needs and desires are being shown, an existence in which imperfection is in fact a perfection. I am looking for this different perfection in humanity. I am trying to find these moments in ordinary things that fill our lives, such as our emotions, events at work or with our family, happiness and unhappiness in relationships, and other. Repetition is one of the tools I use to develop a series by giving importance to ordinary things of individual person worlds, to emphasize the details and moods that repeat in every photo. I build the space where components that define us as human beings are intensely put together. In these photographic scenes our pain, vulnerability, desires and fears are shown through distorted bodies and a bit absurd situations.
I perform a kind of ritual, and this ritual creates a strong basis for a conditional reality. In my photography, distortion is used as a trauma, a shock, a pain that in still imagery becomes an open wound, a suspense that goes on and on. The uncomfortable situation and the position of the body takes away the secure, certainty sense of things, makes them more weak and vulnerable and allows them to open up. In the end, the exaggeration of absurd and weirdness in the photo creates a kind of dialog with the absurd and weirdness of the world and opening by this a new way of looking at things. It’s like understanding what’s beautiful only after viewing what’s ugly.


The exhibition is kindly supported by Malmö Stad and Mediaverkstaden.