Images of Women

Vilma Pimenoff

VERNISSAGE: 5.6.21 from 12-4pm


Vilma Pimenoff’s (b.1980) exhibition ’Images of women’ focuses on looking, being looked at, and the gaze as a means of power. The still-life photographs are made with material cut out from women’s magazines and advertisements; smiling faces, shiny hair, painted nails..
By cutting, folding, and re-photographing this ordinary imagery, the artist creates new images, and also works on the collective mental images related to the subject presented in the image – the woman, and her many roles. When detaching the image from its original context, the advertisement, Pimenoff challenges both the image creator’s intentions, and also its consumer’s (the spectator’s) thoughts. The question here is: Who makes and defines the image of a woman? And who profits from it?



Installation shots

Fotogalleri Vasli Souza
Damplassen 21
0852, Oslo

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