The Heimlichkeit of the Home

Jinbin Chen

5th March - 28th March 2021


I often describe my works as being about encounters of bodies.

Recently, I work with topics including issues of gender, abject, homosexual desire, politic from both narrow and broad senses etc, because they are very connected to my personal life. As an artist, I use the surface of my body as a layer of semi-permeable membrane which filters my biographies, personalities and retains them inside me. The rest goes through.

To some extent, my art is an extension of myself. My practice explores the border between personal and impersonal, the possibility that life and art become one. And in this way, I attempt to experience how the new percepts from us to the world are composed, how we observe the power of these new percepts which are independent from the lived perception and in this process how do we create decisions, determinations and even concepts.



Installation shots

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