Gorsad Kiev

15 MAY - 14 JUNE 2015


For the people of Ukraine not all is grim as the art collective Gorsad prove. Based on the outskirts of Kiev, the young three-piece, made up of two guys and a girl (Victor, Julian and Maria), embody the side of Ukraine that you don’t see in the mainstream media. Their youthful photography contrasts the devastating incidents that are plaguing their home country, yet the rawness of the imagery is synonymous to the DIY video footage seen on the frontline of the street battlegrounds.

"The situation in Ukraine, in any case, has an impact on all of us. In spite of that fact that our art is quite apolitical, we love our country and our people. Especially when Ukraine is on the brink of war. Whether we like it or not, the topic of militarisation is seen in all spheres of life.(...)We are inspired by those people who do not create stress and do not aspire to be somebody. Simplicity and directness are great features that are very difficult to falsify. (...) We want to convey a certain mood and taste of youth. The older we are, the more conservative we become and it's very sad. Permissiveness of youth is exactly what heals, even in the most difficult situations."

GORSAD is Kiev-based trio,which works in provocative banter- style.

"We are in love with these people who are not eager to please. Sometimes even the most shy and constrained are unexpected in their behavior during shooting process. Shooting for us is an interesting and lively dialogue with those who are difficult to get in touch in everyday life."

Installation shots


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