What the fuck do they know about love

Dagny & Charlie Hay

Oslo Negativ 2023

14.10 - 29.10.23


The first kiss, the latest, the best one (so far) one of sorrow and the rest of love. I remember them happy, sad, lit, chaste, horny, ten thousand folds. Still in love. That time you held my hand for the very first time or when I proposed, or was it you? All of the times I said no although I think it was a yes. I can’t believe that you spat a hip-hopper from Hamar in his face after that first one. This is not my wedding speech but maybe it should’ve been. Have a cigarette, c’mon! Don’t only practice being healthy. It is not your style.
A Summer’s Day marks the first time I laid eyes on you. That sentence, it isn’t true, but I wish it was. I just about told you, you look perfect. What more do you ask of me for today? Words can be so ugly and beautiful, that when they’re spoken they can never be unsaid, or so visible but inaudible that I don’t know how to be able to say them.
Close your eyes and see.


Installation shots

Fotogalleri Vasli Souza
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