Why NOT me...

Linda Hansen

15th October - 14th November 2021


In Linda Hansen’s latest project “Why NOT me...” she is preoccupied with the challenges of life and the shared conditions that affect us all, including grief, fear and anxiety. Hansen strive to explore the universal stories each and every life contains. 

Through self portraiture and by placing herself in the frame she finds that her photographs becomes more honest, especially since these images depart form a felt place within her own life experience. Thematically, the images revolve around the perishability of women and the hope of preserving femininity. Hansen also tries to come to terms with the fact that it feels like femininity is being taken from her day by day as the body ages and she is left with a body full of traces that testifies to life lived and the conditions that life brings. 

“I like the idea of depicting the beauty of a woman ageing, even though that might not align with the consensus in society at large.   Some of the images are taken in my home, while other are made in hotel rooms, which for a short while functions as my temporary home. The hotel room hence becomes a symbol of something transitory. A transitory place for at temporary amount of time, not unlike our existence in this world. Situating myself in a temporary place like a hotel room means that I get moved out of my ordinary life, a feeling not unlike those felt when facing difficult times.” 

Linda Hansen

The exhibition is kindlke supported by: Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond & DJ Fond Ophavsretsfonden


Installation shots


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