Alter Ego

Izumi Miyazaki

24th May - 23rd June 2019


It seems that I in real life (hereinafter, this is called "I”) and I in my artwork (hereinafter, this is called "she”) are dissociated these days. However she has seemed like a completely different person from me for a long time. She visits places where I’ve never been and she meets people who I’ve never met. Some people want to know about her story but few people want to know about me. Also she seems to have confidence and insist her opinions clearly. To be honest, she might be a person who I admire. When I compare early work with current work, I find she has been changing because I’m changing. Strangely it reminds me she is certainly me.

Izumi Miyazaki (1994) graduated from Musashino Art University in 2016. While still a student she began posting self-portrait photographs on Tumblr, gaining an instant crowd of followers. In 2016 she had her first solo exhibition at Wild Project Gallery in Luxembourg. Following an exhibition at Art-U room, Tokyo and as a participant in the Fondazione Prada hosted group show Give Me Yesterday. More recently in 2018 she was selected to take part in the Kyotographie International Photography Festival, and published her first book Me And Me by Seigensha Publishing. Her work has been featured in Time, Lib ration, and CNN among others, and she has collaborated with numerous fashion brands, including Valentino.

Installation shots


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