6 MAY - 11 MAY 2015


During Östra Grevie folkhögskola’s one-year photography course, the students have examined the world of photography in both traditional and unconventional ways. With a conceptual starting point, students have experimented in the darkroom and worked with nature- and documentary photography. The results of these varying assignments are exhibited in this graduation show.

Their works tackle the human impact on the environment, the relationship between body and landscape, as well as autobiographical and the therapeutically projects. The students have explored the materiality of photographs, they are creating "photography that is about photography" using a variety of methods. For example by making pictures without a camera to see what happens if you expose photographic paper to light from a full moon or the flickering from a TV screen. Recycled and found materials have also been used to create uncanny installations and historical stories about transience and decay.

The exhibition also allows for reflection and political interpretation in the documentary portrayal of countryside Skåne and the pictures from a suburb where residents are forced to move because of rent increases.

Participating artists: Karl Reiver, Sigrid Törnqvist, Tryggve Tirén, Lorena Lundgren, Linnea Eklöf, Moa Krantz, Tobias Widman, Luljetë Duraku, Marcus Nilsson, Frida Wrangå, Leo Ahlgren, Sarah Meurle och Astrid Gustafsson

Installation shots


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