Karolina Wojtas


2.9 - 25.9.22


The exhibition Coming Soon is Karolina Wojtas first exhibition in Oslo and gives the viewer a small insite into her award winning series We can't live – without each other. The work gives an intimate view into the complex relationship between artist Karolina Wojtas and her younger brother. Until the age of thirteen, Wojtas was an only child and she wanted to keep it that way. Before her parents announced that she was going to have a baby brother, Karolina kept saying “I will take an axe, kill that kid and then eat it”. Although this statement should be taken with a big grain of salt, a battle did start when Karolina's brother was born. This exhibition gives an inside view into the ongoing battle between brother and sister: a recognisable love-hate relationship with sometimes extreme elements.
The observer to the work of Karolina Wojtas becomes immersed in a children's world; it is colourful, playful and expressive, sometimes with a grim edge. The 26-year-old Polish photographer gets her inspiration from random objects or childhood memories: from her grandfather's backyard to an enormous slide. The result consists of striking images with a bold aesthetic. Her work invites the viewer to participate and discover, where the visitor can feel like a child again. Sometimes combined with dark humour, the exhibition of Wojtas creates a (sur)realistic experience.

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Installation shots


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