Emma Svensson, founder of Rockfoto has followed Kristian Gidlund, drummer in Sugarplum Fairy, journalist, author and blogger, during the last year. The year when his cancer came back. This time with very poor expectations.

Emma about Kristian and how this exhibition came to life:
"Kristian is one of my closest friends, we have known each other for ten years. That was when we began our careers. He as a rock star, I as a photographer. We went together and I took pictures of him, the band and their album covers. In 2010 he became ill with cancer. He started the blog ‘I kroppen min’ so that the people close to him would know what happened. He managed to write so beautiful about something so terrible.

In 2011 the doctors told him he is free. Free from cancer. He focused on another dream: journalism. He no longer writes the blog, it belongs to the disease. He is the editor of a start-up magazine and freelancing for some of our most established newspapers. He is happy. Glad to have defeated the terrible, glad to start living again after a year of life on pause.

It's on ‘Way Out West’ a year later, in August 2012. Kristian looks not well, he's tired and lethargic. A completely different person than the one I just met a few weeks earlier at the ‘Peace & Love’. Some days later, he started blogging again. The cancer is back, and this time it does not look good at all.

‘I kroppen min’, the blog that nobody ever wanted to pick up where it left off, has now had more than 7 million visitors and it became a book. I have followed Christian's journey with my camera. Documented his life. To create something lasting. In honour of my friend. "
/Emma Svensson


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