Manifestations From The Waiting Room

Cecilia Riis Kjeldsen, Ulla Schildt, Charlie Fjätström, Rebecca Jafari, Tor. S Ulstein

14th November - 3rd December 2020


In collaboration with Uncertain States Scandinavia we are releasing their latest newspaper, Issue 13.5, Manifestations From the Waiting Room. Back in March when Norway closed down, UCSS gathered fifty of the most exciting artist working with photography today, and gave them freedom to submit works they felt were relevant to the topic. First as a digital version. Now on paper. In addition, we curated an exhibition with five of our favourite picks. See it at Damplassen 21.


Cecilia Riis Kjeldsen (b. 1990) works with photography and video based in Oslo. She graduated from the Bilder Nordic School of Photography in spring 2015 with a specialization in narrative storytelling and has among other things exhibited at the Uncontaminated(2015), Collective Oslo Fashion Art Festival (2018), Preus Museum (2018), K4 (2017) and Cyan Gallery (2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018) and soon she will exhibit at Frogner House Apartments in Oslo. She is also represented on the Oslonowhere web gallery.

Ulla Schildt (b. 1971) is a visual artist primarily working with analog and digital photography. In recent years her artistry has been fascinated by human’s need to gather, organise, and consequently master the world. She has studied photography at the Dublin Institute of Technology and Aalto University (TAIK). Schildt has exhibited widely in Norway and internationally, and her works are included in collections held by institutions such as the University of Oslo’s Art Collection, the Office of Public Works in Ireland, and the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation in Norway. For the exhibition, she has chosen images from her archive. These works can be seen as metaphors for our attempts to control the world and what we are helpless to regulate: climate change, declining species diversity, diseases and various natural disasters.

Charlie Fjätström (b. 1987) is an artist/photographer living and working in Oslo, Norway. Charlies’s works are often political and his images have a dark sense of humour. From Suicide to countryside politics and philosophical views on life, he uses his camera to focus on (what he thinks) important Subjects in our society. He has shown his work both nationally and internationally with solo shows in Kiel, Germany at Kunstraum B, House of photography in Oslo Norway, Anexet in Sveg, Sweden. Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen and Vasli Souza Oslo. In 2013, Charlie received his BA from The Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design (The Cass)

Rebecca Jafari (b. 1986) is a Norwegian/Iranian artist, working and living in Oslo. Based in her own experiences and background, Jafaris work focuses on belonging and identity. Through personal narratives, she often explores the duality of growing up in two different worlds. Jafari is also deeply engaged in immigration related topics, a theme that she keeps coming back to, both in her projects as well as in her teaching. She holds a craft certificate in photography and a BA in Journalism and Media.

Tor S. Ulstein (b. 1988) is an Oslo based artist and one of the founders of UCS / SCANDINAVIA, a lens-based art paper. He has had several exhibitions over the past years both at home and abroad. He is fascinated with the mundane objects in the everyday landscape, that we in our daily life are too busy to see. Ulstein often collaborates with his brother, the writer, Geir S. Ulstein. They have made several books together on their big passion for cycling among other historical and cultural subjects.

Installation shots


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