Joan Lara

9.3 - 2.4 2023


This is a very special project, because apart from the artistic character, it has a sentimental and reunion character. Some of these women are distant or close relatives, even among them is my mother. It is part of a reconciliation with the village, whom I marginalized and forgot for many years.
In this village, I spent every summer and even some long season or Christmas. But as I passed through adolescence, for an intellectual question, at this time, I thought that it did not offer me what I needed. I stopped seeing it as interesting, dissociating myself from it, marginalizing it and leaving it in a near oblivion.

I only went a few days a year to visit my parents without paying any interest. It has been with a more adult age and coming to live here, that I have found again the essence that I had forgotten. What filled my childhood and my adolescence. That essence that the people have with the elders who live here all their lives, far above the intellectuality and modernity.

Many times we let ourselves be carried away by things that we believe are important and we forget the essence of things and places. They have allowed me to photograph them without misgivings, without reservations, they are mostly post-war women with an uneasy life. Women who, in spite of everything, surpass themselves every day and go ahead with everything, with lives that are not placid in many moments.


Installation shots


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