From 17th of January - 9th of February, our gallery has the honour to exhibit the Photobookshow project in Malmö, a collaboration with the Brighton-based arts organisation Photobookshow and the support of Malmö Stad, presenting our first project for 2014. An exhibition of more than 80 photobooks from distinctive artists during the period of three weeks, alongside events and workshops. You are welcome to attend the Opening and be part of the events.

We invite the public to add their photobook to the archive by posting or hand delivering it to the gallery ahead of and during the exhibition. 

Adam W Thomas, Alex Bailey & Helen Flanagan, Alexander Gracia-Duttmann & Olivier Richon, Antony Cairns, Aya Takada, Bjarne Bare, Bojan Radovic, Bruno Ehrs, Caitlin Duennebier, Carl Gunhouse, Carlos Lowenstein, Chiara Dazi, Chris Coekin, Christopher Gianunzio & Jenny Tondera, Darek Fortas, David Galjaard, David Rule, Dennis Neuschaefer-Rube, Edgar Martins, Editions Bessard, Eloi Gimeno Lopez, Ewen Spencer, Fergus Jordan, Filipe Casaca, Fiona Essex, Francois Deladerriere, Gábor Arion Kudász, Ghis Botto, Ginevra Shay & Trevor Power, Graham Walzer, Harry Watts, Helen Korpak, James O Jenkins, Jason Larkin, Jeroen Hofman, John Maclean, Jon Dunning, Jon Reid, Judith Erwes, Julian Baron, Justin Partyka, Landry A, Lewis Chaplin, Lex Thompson, Liana Yang, Lucy Steggals, Mahesh Shantaram & Vidya Rao, Marco Lachi, Margarida Correia, Megan Turner Jones, Michael DeMeo, Mika Minetti, Mikel Telleria, Misha De Ridder, Morten Andersen, Murray Ballard & Gabriella Rizzello, Noa Ben-Shalom, Paul Graham, Peter Edwards, Peter Gates, Pierre Hybre, Pierre Liebaert, Pogo Books, Quintin De Briey, Roger Guaus, Scott Caruth, Seth Fluker, Simon Nunn, Simon Roberts, Stephanie Sabatier, Teresa Eng, Vitus Saloshanka, White Fungus, Zhao Renhui.

*The exhibition will also feature new donations acquired at the gallery.


Installation shots


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