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Still life/still friends

Io Sivertsen

20.6 - 18.8.2024
Vernissage Thursday 20th june, 7-9pm

Still life/still friends is a photo series about living together (collectively) and about still life, in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in bed.



BIO Io Sivertsen, an Oslo-based photographer and filmmaker. With a BA in photography from KABK, and an MA in documentary directing from The Norwegian Film School, she creates visual narratives, still images, installations, cultural meeting places, and set designs. She joined the Canon Student Development Program at Visa Pour l’Image in 2020 and became part of the Futures platform in 2022. Her work has been exhibited at international festivals in Poland, Slovenia, and Spain. And in Norway, in venues and events, such as the Nordic Lights festival, the Spring exhibition, the Autumn exhibition, Fotografienshus, and the Oslo Negativ photo festival. In 2022, she and her co-creators won the Autumn Exhibition Prize for the short film “BBQ &Apocalypse”, and in 2023, they received the Preus Museum ’Open Call Prize’ and BKH’s Photo Art Prize for the short film “Growing pains, thoughts about the climate crisis”.

Installation view


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