Shiho Kito

30 APRIL - 16 JUNE 2013 


30 APRIL - 16 JUNE 2013

Although working in Ahmedabad, in Tales of a City, Shiho Kito has the ability to transport the viewer to a non-geographical location, resulted from the projection of her thoughts and experiences to an unknown place, looking to connect herself to the actual landscape and the people around her. In the series called pikari, Kito explores the nightscapes of the city with a large format camera, spending between 20 to 80 minutes exposing the film of the camera to get a final picture out of the ‘darkness’. In this way she appropriates the space to recreate feelings and images that transport her into her childhood.

In the series of black and white portraits, Walls, Shiho Kito is motivated by a personal conflict with a friend of hers and by the idea of why we isolate ourselves between walls and create certain obstacles when meeting someone. She was inspired by the walls that surround the old city of Ahmedabad, built in the early 15th century to protect the city, it also serves as a metaphor of physical and psychological barriers for local people who had diverse faith and communal tensions.

Shiho Kito is an artist established in Tokyo, who works in Japan, India and the UK. She has studied photography at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and the University for Creative Arts Farnham in the UK. She also completed her Masters degree in Photography at the London College of Communication. Shiho’s work has been exhibited in England, India, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and she is the recipient of the Prime Minister’s Initiative II Fund, awarded by the British Council. Galleri Vasli Souza has the honour to host the first solo exhibition of Shiho Kito in Sweden.


Installation shots


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